A brilliant start to this season has seen the sport pitch up in Montreal, Canada this week talking up the possibility of an unprecedented seventh winner from the first seven races. There has been a lot of talk from Jacque Villeneuve

F1 fan Kartik Sunku gives us his thoughts in the article The return of Michael Schumacher – A two sided coin? Read on and feel free to add your thoughts in our comment box. Consecutive podium finishes, champagne celebrations,

It has to be said that with a quarter of the grid made up of home grown Germans this weekend at Nurburgring, it a 1 in 4 chnace of a home win. Realistically for those that have been following

f1 tracks

For anyone who has ever played a simulator of an f1 track, you will be familiar with how different one track can be to another. Some corners are tricky and need to be taken very differently to others. What a simulator has not achieved yet is the reality of the g-forces in these corners. These drivers are absolute athletes to the highest degree. Other challenges include…

Every F1 track is a new challenge

With all these variants the tracks test each f1 drivers skills and test each f1 team and only then at the end of the season can a team claim to be truly a championship team. Years back a F1 season consisted of a handful of circuits with the best 9 counting as points towards the championship (remember those days anyone?). Now the F1 venues for the current Formula 1 season has 19 circuits with all race points counting towards the constructors championship.

Today there is also a beautiful blend of modern with old, Sepang, Bahrain and Shanghai with Spa, Silverstone and daddy of all formula one circuits, Monaco.